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Australian-First Sustainability Study

By May 5, 2023June 15th, 2023News

Hewitt is pleased to be partnering with the MLA, on the largest biodiversity study within the meat industry, ever conducted in Australia.

This partnership program will demonstrate how combined environmental, social and governance actions (carbon, biodiversity, natural capital and regenerative agriculture) can be successfully implemented and monetised within red meat supply chains.

The multiphase program aims to deliver emission reduction, insetting and offsetting, biodiversity enhancement, natural capital improvements and regenerative agriculture implementation, leading into carbon and environmentally branded red meat products.

It is the first program in Australia covering all these elements at this scale, that will deliver practical adoption outcomes across a supply chain through central and eastern Australia. Mick Hewitt, Hewitt CEO said: “This is ground breaking study. We are committed to our corporate purpose of ‘feeding the world with a system that lasts forever’, and leading the industry with studies like this is a critical part of that.”