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Regenerative Organic Certification an Industry First

By May 4, 2023June 15th, 2023News

Hewitt is the first beef & lamb producer to be certified under the Regenerative Organic Certification. ROC is the highest standard in the world for organic farming and takes into account soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness.

Regenerative agriculture involves a variety of sustainable practices which are used in combination to support, protect, regenerate, and rehabilitate ecosystems including soil, biodiversity, carbon, and water. As a result, the ecosystem begins to work in a more natural balance where input requirements can decrease, and yields increase.

According to the Regenerative Organic Alliance: “With regenerative organic agriculture, we can rehabilitate soil, respect animal welfare, and improve the lives of farmers. We can sequester carbon, build healthier communities, and reap more nutritious and abundant yields.”

Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) is a specialised certification for food, textiles and personal care ingredients that recognises farms and products that meet the highest standards in the world to help rehabilitate soil, respect animal welfare and improve the lives of farmers.

So far, four of our properties have received accreditation and we’re working towards all of our properties being certified in the coming months.